Purpose & Other effect
The Effloessenceinhibitoradditive[EFLOCUT] is a pollution-free organic admixture of which a botanical organic element is composed as a subject. It combines, and it does to a fixed thing that doesn't begin to melt and the efflorescence is prevented with the cement constituent water the prevention in the cement contained in the sea sand of a harmful separation material.
Effloessence prevention
All the destruction elements due to the salt damage are prevented combining the salinity separation material such as the sodium chloride contained in the aggregate to the calcium of the cement constituent and fixing to the chloridization compound, forming a concrete organization with a hard alkali nonconductor protective layer that doesn't begin to melt to water and carbon dioxide and acid rain, etc. , and being eliminated (efflorescence).
crack check
A strong concrete organization is formed to strength and durability preventing the internal tissue from destroying it by densifying and the expansion and contraction of a concrete building frame (hair crack).
he exactness is very high, the water permeability of water by an internal capillary action is lost, and the invasion of water is decreased greatly.
Strong concrete is formed by greatly decreasing the unit volume of water by a minute effect of AE (air taking action).
Infiltration industrial method
The scatter infiltration is done to all aspects of the surface it after it interlocking constructs it with the watering can 20?30 time [efurokatto] liquid.
Rust prevention, [aku] stop, and ..prevention.. mold, [zouneba], and impregnation.
Purpose & Other effect
Concrete mortar tile and block joint, cement product, and raw concrete.
Amount 0.6%(120cc) of the [EFLOCUT] standard use against one cement bag (20kg). After the stir mixing is done to prior mixture water, it mixes it with cement.
he amount of standard use mixes the [EFLOCUT] 0.6% with the weight of cement. You may adjust it by the usage and the season within the range of 0.2%〜1.2%.
Attention in use!!
Hazardous property The name of the classification.: There is no application. Hazardous nature: There are a few very much under the usual use condition. Hazardous property: There is a stimulus to the skin, the eye, and so on. First-aid treatment When it was stuck to the skin.: Soap is used in the running water at once, and the part which it stuck to is washed away well. When it went in the eyes.: An eye doctor's diagnosis is taken after it is washed promptly in the running water for more than 15 minutes.